Scott A. Strobel

Henry Ford II Professor of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry
Professor of Chemistry
Member of Yale faculty since 1995

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Research Research in the Strobel lab is divided between work on RNA biochemistry and the investigation of novel endophytic fungi associated with rainforest plants. The RNA analysis includes studies of catalytic RNAs (including group I introns and the ribosome) and riboswitches (including the GEMM, glmS, and glycine riboswitches). The goal is to understand how RNA promotes chemical reactions and to define the basis of RNA-small molecule interactions. Our work in microbiobial diversity includes the investigation of Gliocladium roseum, a fungus that produces a broad spectrum of straight and branched medium chain-length hydrocarbons, including heptane, octane, undecane, dodecane, and hexadecane and their isomers. These are the same hydrocarbons found in liquid fuels. Our goal is to identify the enzymes responsible for hydrocarbon production and apply them toward biofuel applications.

B.A. Brigham Young University, 1987
Ph.D. California Institute of Technology, 1992
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Predoctoral Fellow, Caltech, 1988-92
Postdoctoral Fellow, Biochemistry, University of Colorado, Boulder, 1992-95

HHMI Predoctoral Fellow, Caltech, 1988 -92
Life Sciences Research Foundation Fellow, CU Boulder, 1992-95
Beckman Young Investigator Award, Yale University, 1997-99
Searle Scholar Award, Yale University, 1997-2000
Beginning Investigator Award, American Cancer Society, Yale University, 2002-2006
Dylan Hixon Prize for Teaching Excellence in the Natural Sciences, Yale University, 2004
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professor, 2006-2010
Graduate Mentoring Award in the Sciences, Yale University 2007
Schering Plough Research Institute Award from the ASBMB 2008

Recent Publications
K. S. Huang, J. S. Weinger, E. B. Butler & S. A. Strobel. Regiospecificity of the peptidyl tRNA ester within the ribosomal P site. J. Amer. Chem. Soc. 2006, 128, 3108-3109.

J. C. Cochrane, S. V. Lipchock & S. A. Strobel. Structural investigation of the GlmS ribozyme bound to its catalytic cofactor. Chemistry & Biology 2007, 14, 97-105.

K. S. Huang, N. Carrasco, E. Pfund, & S. A. Strobel. Transition State Chirality and Role of the Vicinal Hydroxyl in the Ribosomal Peptidyl Transferase Reaction. Biochemistry 2008, 47, 8822-8827.

I. T. Suydam & S. A. Strobel. Fluorine substituted adenosines as probes of nucleobase protonation in functional RNAs. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2008, 130, 13639-13648.

M. Zhong & S. A. Strobel. Synthesis of isotopically labeled P-site substrates for the ribosomal peptidyl transferase reaction. J. Org. Chem. 2008, 73, 603-611.


Research Interests